Digital Identity

Across the developing and developed worlds, digital identity is being recognized as a cornerstone of the 21st century economy. As a necessary prerequisite to access online banking, government benefits and many other services, there is tremendous potential for digital identity to empower people. To leverage the full potential of the digital economy, it is critical to ensure that policy and technology work towards enhancing personal data protection for individuals, meaningful consent for use of their data, and privacy.

As we build our investment portfolio in digital identity, we will invest in innovative start-ups, support research, and work on policy and technology solutions to ensure that identity systems are designed to expand economic and social inclusion for all.




Subhashish Bhadra
Associate, Investments
Molly Elgin-Cossart
Principal, Investments
Christopher Keefe
Vice President, Marketing & Communications
Jonathan Kirschner
Principal, Investments
Mike Kubzansky
Partner, Intellectual Capital
Yasemin Saltuk Lamy
Senior Manager, Intellectual Capital
CV Madhukar
Investment Partner
Emmalyn Shaw
Investment Partner


Omidyar Network Endorses Principles for Digital Identity

At Omidyar Network, we believe everyone has the right to participate fully in society and in the modern economy, and that no one should face the indignity of exclusion, nor be denied the opportunity to realize their full potential or to share in progress.



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