Does Cignifi Work?
How Does Cignifi Work?

Cignifi uses Digital Footprints to Increase Consumer Access to Credit

June 29, 2017

In the latest video in our Omidyar Network Learning Series, we explain how our investee Cignifi uses the digital footprints left behind by mobile phone usage to help consumers gain access to credit in emerging markets around the world.

Cignifi’s innovative approach to consumer credit risk assessment also connects lenders to new pools of qualified potential customers, cutting customer acquisition costs by 55 percent on average.

Cignifi is one company helping advance a new way of lending we’re calling Big Data, Small Credit, where non-financial data, complex algorithms, and big data analytics are changing the economics of how we identify, score, and underwire credit to middle- and low-income consumers who have been historically invisible to lenders.


Rudi Richter Ceo at Solarudi Renewable Energy

Dear Sirs, Your concept is really genious. I hope the day will come to use it in the Philippines, where many people are busy, but have no chance to get a credit from a Bank. To get a credit from a Bank takes several month in case you can get one. I wish you success. With best regards, Rudi

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